Writing Links

The following are a few useful links for submitting your own writing.

Is you are a woman writer or a man writing in a woman’s voice, by all means submit to Writing In A Woman’s Voice. Submissions are accepted year-round, posts go online almost daily, and once a month, on the full moon, a Moon Prize of $91.00 is given for my favorite post from the preceding moon cycle. Writing In A Woman’s Voice replaces the Glass Woman Prize which ran from 2007 through 2014 and was online through 2017 when my prior web program unfortunately was no longer maintained or supported by its creators. It would be too time-consuming and costly to duplicate its results here at this time and with my current resources.

Two excellent sources for finding other places to submit your writing are Entropy’s Category: Where to Submit and Trish Hopkinson’s excellent breakdown of many categories of Where To Submit. 
Both are excellent resources free of charge.

More later!