Some of my early publications (last millennium) were under prior names Beate Goldman and Beate Murray and will be so noted as my bibliography gets completed. For now, check out my books and some of my latest publications. Here is also a list of a few forthcoming publications. My books are also listed here. All of my published poems are listed here. A complete bibliography short stories and other publications will follow in the future.



Unsolicited Press will publish my chapbook Emily in February 2020.

Synopsis: Emily, often bewildered, experiences everyday worlds with their elusive allure and haunting disillusionment.

Unsolicited Press will also publish short-story collection Dona Nobis Pacem in December 2021.


Halfway Down the Stairs accepted my poem “Candle” for December 1, 2019 publication.

Jeanette Cheezum’s Cavalcade of Stars accepted my poem “Illusions” for January 27, 2020 publication.

Constellations accepted my poems “Confession” and “Kaleidoscope: A Walk in the World” for 2020 publication.

Sin Fronteras accepted my poem “Her Golden Dress” for spring 2020 publication.

Poetry Pacific plans to republish my poems “A Prayer for the Swans” and “Snapshot: City Night” on May 5, 2020.

Gargoyle Magazine accepted my poem “To the Inadvertent Misogynists in my Life” for its Volume 73 (Summer 2020).

The Great American Poetry Show plans to republish my poem “The Meaning of Shoes” in some future year’s collection.


Otherwise Engaged will publish my story “Preferences” (November 2019)

The Ocotillo Review of Kallisto Gaia Press will publish my story “Miniskirt” in its issue 4.1 (Winter 2020)

The Stray Branch will republish my story “Defaced” in its Fall/Winter 2020 issue.