The Latest

Harbinger Asylum published my poem “A Walk with Michael” in its Spring 2019 edition.

Mused Bella Online published three of my poems in its Winter 2018 edition: “Self-Portrait with Question,” “Winter Solstice,” and “Who Killed the Sweetness.”

Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders published my poem “Red Scarf” (2019).

Pure Slush published my memoir piece “The Devil’s Grandmother” in its anthology Envy 7 Deadly Sins Vol. 6 (March 2019).

Treehouse Arts published my story “Lee’s Story” (February 16, 2019).

Voices on the Wind published three of my poems, “How She Became Invisible,” “A Mother’s Thoughts,” and “The Wound of Insignificance” in its Mother’s Voices edition (February 1, 2019).

My poem “Key Bridge January” appears in The Linnet’s Wings (The Winter’s Tale: January 2019; p. 79).